Exoteric Continent / Cont Ext (2016)

Project name: Residual
Type of Media: Sound, Graphic Design
Formats: Vinyl EP
Producer: ALTRE
Released: October 2016



“Residual” is about being left with nothing and realising that you cannot feed off the residues left by your past. They are a waste and if left unattended, the residue will grow and pile up until you do something about it.

Behind this work lays the evolution of our idea of the human, with all that it entails in current times. This is an effort to reflect with compassion and to experience the feelings of helplessness through loss. The cognitive volitional duality of being a human (or post-human) in 2016 – Where do we belong? Race, identity, nationality and culture lose value as every-day people are drowned in an ocean in an attempt to escape death.

“Residual” consists of two tracks. “Humanista” by Exoteric Continent appears on side one and is a standard 4/4 track. “HHH UM AN -ista” by Cont Ext is on side two. The two tracks work as two sides of the same coin. The elements on side one are reused and rearranged on side two. In a way Cont Ext exists as an alternate reality with different rules.