Exoteric Continent — Continent


Recorded 2015 in Barcelona.
Released as a limited cassette and long-sleeve cotton shirt on Anòmia.
Music Video by Rubén Patiño.

[kon-tn-uh nt]

  • 7. exercising or characterised by restraint in relation to the desires or passions and especially to sexual desires; temperate.
  • 8. able to control urinary and fecal discharge.
  • 9. Obsolete. containing; being a container; capacious.
  • 10. Obsolete. restraining or restrictive.
  • 11. Obsolete. continuous; forming an uninterrupted tract, as land.


abstinent, ascetic, celibate, abstemious, abstentious, austere, bridled, curbed, inhibited, modest, restrained, self-restrained, sober, temperate

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The internet’s completely over. Prince (1958-2016)

There is joy in repetition, there is joy in repetition, there is joy in repetition. Prince, Joy in Repetition

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