Ozonokids (1997-2011)


In 1997 I lived in my hometown, Manresa, which is a small town so I had little access to things I was interested in. At that time if you wanted to find certain underground media you had to order it from distributors through physical mail. As I started becoming more connected with other small scenes I was inspired to start my own selection of items that I was interested in. I was very focused on political and environmental issues at the time so I wanted to start sharing that knowledge. I started getting extra copies of zines I liked and other items. I also had unlimited access to a xerox machine at my job, so I could print out catalogs and even my own zines. I also stole stamps and envelopes from the office.
The project eventually became Ozono, a modest zine distributor, and eventually I started incorporating other items, selling tapes, records, CD’s by small DIY publishers. In 1999 after the fusion of Ozono with 1/2 of the Badalona label and distro DIY Product run by José Luis Dominguez (aka Italiano, a key figure of the city’s underground punk scene around that time) the name changed to Ozono Kids and it officially became a record label when we ventured in co-releasing the first 7″ by the hardcore band from Valencia Zanussi.
Ozono Kids project worked sort of as a collective, the people involved were Italiano, Dalmau Boada, Siria Gomez and eventually Marc Molina. This format was somewhat stable for about three years. During that period we released a few CD’s and records mostly by local friends’ bands, we also self-released our own bands and set up DIY shows in the city of Barcelona for friends and touring bands.
In 2003 after having disagreements and misunderstandings all the members parted ways. I decided to keep running the project on my own, calling it Ozonokids. I also started a sub-label called Ozonokids Tapes, for smaller editions. Around that time I briefly lived in the city of Philadelphia in the US, so the project operated from there for a while.
After returning to Barcelona in 2005 and with the help of some friends we started setting up the Cap Sembrat festival which eventually was co-organised with l’Ull Cec and which existed until 2011. A silk-screening studio was set up as well, which was used to print posters and record sleeves between 2006 and 2010. In 2008 a small showroom / studio space called Ozonokids Studio opened. The space hosted a few music shows and presentations. It lasted exactly one year and it  closed down in 2009.

List of activities hosted at the Ozonokids Studio:

June 09 2009 Mudboy — Workshop / Live Set (l’Ull Cec)
June 06 2009  Adrià Cañameras — Photo Exhibition
April 17 2009 Tom Bugs – Modular Synthesizer — Workshop (l’Ull Cec)
April 14 2009 Serfs (Jon Collin) — Live
April 02 2009 Ren Schofield, Valerie Martino, Arnau Sala Saez  — Collab Live Set
March 24 2009 Animal Hospital — Live
March 09 2009 Mueran Humanos, Arnau Sala Saez — Collab Live Set
November 12 2008 Neokarma Jooklo Trio — Live
October 12 2008 Deathroes — Live
September 11 2008 Homenatges — Live (opening event)

Ozonokids as a platform ceased its activities in 2011. Some of the releases are still available. A Bandcamp website where you can purchase these releases is currently in the works. Please keep checking as more releases will slowly keep being added.


Ozonokids Releases:

OZKDS001 Zanussi — Zanussi ‎(7″ EP) 1999
OZKDS002 Zeidun — 001 ‎(CD EP) 2000
OZKDS003 Stay Gold Ponyboy — Valiente ‎(7″ EP) 2001
OZKDS004 Soramame — Soramame ‎(7″ EP) 2001
OZKDS005 Omega Cinco / Point Of Few — Error Fatal ‎(7″ EP) 2001
OZKDS006 Ensaladilla Rusa — Coleópteros ‎(CD, Mini) 2004
OZKDS007 The Cheese — Els Conills Salten La Bardissa ‎(CD) 2004
OZKDS008 Le Jonathan Reilly — A Question In The Answer ‎(7″ EP) 2005
OZKDS009 M Ax Noi Mach — One Deep ‎(10″ EP) 2006
OZKDS010 Les Aus — Haranna Hanné ‎(CD) 2006
OZKDS011 M Ax Noi Mach / Unchained — Split ‎(7″ EP) 2007
OZKDS012 Angeldust / Fasenuova — Split (12″) 2008
OZKDS013 Josetxo Grieta — The Art Of Distraction (LP) 2008
OZKDS014 Bèstia Ferida — Wounded ‎(LP) 2010
OZKDS015 Sam Gas Can — Aswang ‎(7″ EP) 2008
OZKDS016 Corndawg — I’m Not Ready To Be A Daddy ‎(LP + CDr) 2008
OZKDS017 Mattin — Exquisite Corpse ‎(LP) 2011
OZKDS018 Blue Sabbath Black Fiji — Blue Sabbath Black Fiji ‎(LP) 2010

Ozonokids Tapes Releases:

OKTPS001 Various Artists — Ozono Kids Tapes. A Compilation CDR ‎(CDr) 2004
OKTPS002 Mau — Filadelphia I L’Altre Costat ‎(CDr) 2005
OKTPS003 ASDC — West Philly ‎(CDr) 2005
OKTPS004 Dnsr Trn — Pekin King Desert Storm ‎(Cassette) 2005
OKTPS005 Zeidun — Zeidun ‎(CDr) 2005
OKTPS006 Angeldust — Angeldust ‎(CDr) 2006
OKTPS007 Don The Tiger / ASDC — Split ‎(Cassette) 2006
OKTPS008 Óscar Barras / Arnau Sala — Remixes I ‎(CDr) 2009
OKTPS009 Blue Sabbath Black Fiji — Creamy Beast ‎(Cassette) 2008
OKTPS010 Arnau Sala / Weirding Module — Split ‎(Cassette) 2008
OKTPS011 Au / Stuckometer — Split ‎(CDr) 2007
OKTPS012 Miguel Prado — Máscara De Sangre ‎(CDr) 2007
OKTPS012 Various Artists — Ozonokids Magazine # 001 ‎(CDr + Magazine) 2008
OKTPS013 Bèstia Ferida — Wounded ‎(CDr) 2009
OKTPS014 Joshua Norton Cabal — The Valley Of Death May Not Find Us ‎(CDr) 2008
OKTPS015 Weirding Module — Longinginging ‎(CDr) 2009
OKTPS016 Bèstia Ferida — Live Wounded ‎(Cassette) 2008
OKTPS017 Adrián De Alfonso, Arnau Sala — Adrián De Alfonso. Arnau Sala ‎(Cassette) 2009

OKTPS021 Mattin, Malatesta — Mattin & Malatesta ‎(Cassette) 2009
OKTPS022 God Willing / Arnau Sala — Morning Maneuvers ‎(Cassette) 2009
OKTPS023 M Ax Noi Mach — Creeper ‎(Cassette) 2010
OKTPS024 Obscene Caller — Hair And Napkins ‎(Cassette) 2009
OKTPS025 Nmog Rungki / Arnau Sala — Split ‎(Cassette) 2009
OKTPS026 Les Aus, Huan — Untitled (CDr) 2011
OKTPS028 Indigents / Homenatges — Indigents / Homenatges ‎(Cassette) 2010
OKTPS029 Arnau Sala — Homenatges (CDr) 2009
OKTPS030 Cave Bears — Tragic Ceremony ‎(Cassette) 2010
OKTPS031 Veiled — Nylon Bitch ‎(Cassette) 2010
OKTPS032 Sons Of Bronson — Mandom ‎(CD) 2011
OKTPS033 Arnau Sala — Si Baixo Al Forat ‎(Cassette) 2010
OKTPS034 Coàgul — Ascensor Genital / La Mort És Dolça ‎(Cassette) 2011
OKTPS035 Arnau Sala — Homenatges II ‎(CDr) 2011
OKTPS036 Carn De Porc — Carn De Porc ‎(Cassette) 2011
OKTPS037 Terminal Babilonia — Terminal Babilonia ‎(Cassette) 2011

Various Artists — Sampler 2007 ‎(CDr) promo 2007
Bèstia Ferida — Wounded ‎(CDr) promo 2009

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