Festival Cap Sembrat (2005-2011)

The Cap Sembrat Festival started in 2005 with the help of some friends, the people involved changed through the years. From the third edition on the festival was co-organised in collaboration with l’Ull Cec which highly improved the project.

10 different instalments of the Festival happened over the span of 6 years, all in different venues and locations in the city of Barcelona. Hosting Sound, Visual and Performance Art by a wide range of international and local artists and collectives.

During its existence the festival never got any external funding or help, it was an effort strictly run by friends. Eventually it became too complicated to make ends meet and the festival vanished in 2011.

Cap Sembrat VI
December 4th, 2011
Moog, Barcelona

Anton Ignorant (AR) — Live Music
Enema Syringe (SW) — Live Music
Local Mode (SP) — Live Music
EVOL (SP) — Live Music
IVDB (US) — DJ Set
Zero (SP) — DJ Set

Pre-Cap Sembrat VI
October 4th, 2011
Moog, Barcelona

Pulse Emitter (US) — Live Music

Cap Sembrat V
June 2nd, 2009
Sala Monasterio, Barcelona

Buttercupmetalpolish (CH) — Live Music
Arnau Sala / Rafa Romero (SP) — Live Music

June 5th, 2009
Hangar.org, Barcelona

Goodiepal (DK) — “Mort aux Vaches Extra Ekstra” — Workshop / Performance

June 6th, 2009
Ozonokids Studio, Barcelona

Adrià Cañameras (SP) — Photo Exhibition

June 7th, 2009
Hangar.org, Barcelona

Zbigniew Karkowski (JP) / Kasper T. Toeplitz (FR) — Le Dépeupleur — Live Music
Antoine Chessex (CH) — Live Music
Sons of Bronson (SP) — Live Music
Huan (SP) — Live Music
Terrortank / Minload (SP) — Live Music
Mudboy (US) — Spriitee :Liights — Installation / Performance

Cap Sembrat IV – Winter Edition
Sala 2 Apolo, Barcelona

Weirding Module (US) — Live Music
Family Battle Snake (UK) — Live Music
Juan Matos / Arnau Sala (SP) — Live Music

Cap Sembrat IV
La Cerveteca, Barcelona

Alfredo Costa-Monteiro (SP) — Live Music
Trigal (SP) — Live Music

Cap Sembrat IV
L’Antic Teatre, Barcelona

Botborg — Film Screening
Bryan Boyce — Film Screening
Freida Abtan (CA) — Live Music
Goiko (SP) — Live Performance
Mattin / Arnau Sala (SP) — Live Performance
Scant Intone (CA) — Live Music
Static Kitten (CA) — Live Music
Unchained (US) — Live Music
Le Dernier Cri (FR) — Film Screening
Magic Lantern Cinema (US) — Film Screening
Robin Fox (AUS) — Film Screening
Daniel Gutierrez (VZ) — Live Music
Ferran Fages (SP) / Pascal Battus (FR) — Live Music
Gargäwhual (SP) — Live Music

Cap Sembrat IV
La Bàscula, Barcelona

Au (SP) — Live Music
Puma (NO) — Live Music
Tubular Balls (SP) — Live Music

Pre-Cap Sembrat IV
Apolo 2, Barcelona

Bèstia Ferida (SP) — Live Music
Moha! (NO) — Live Music

Pre-Cap Sembrat IV
Apolo 2, Barcelona

EVOL (SP) — Live Music
Zbigniew Karkowski (JP) / Tetsuo Furudate (JP) — Live Music

Cap Sembrat III
Sala Bahia, Barcelona

Antoine Chessex (CH) — Live Music
Ben Rusell (US) — Film Screening
Dave Phillips (SW) — Live Music
Don The Tiger / DJ Blue (SP) — Live Music
Esprit de Corps (US) — Film Screening
Rattle Snake Cat (SP) — Live Music
Josetxo Grieta (SP) — Live Music
Justice Yeldham (AUS) — Live Music
Magic Lantern Cinema (US) — Film Screening
QA’A (SP) — Live Music
The Wind Up Bird (US) — Live Music

Cap Sembrat II
Sala Castelló, Barcelona

Coconot  y los seis guitarras españoles (SP) — Live Music
Defensa (SP) — Live Music
Goodbye (SP) — Live Music
Les Aus / Inaudibles (SP) — Live Music
M Ax Noi Mach (US) — Live Music
Mondo Cane (IT) — Live Music
Ranma 1/2 (SP) — Live Music
Unchained (US) — Live Music

Cap Sembrat I
La Bàscula, Barcelona

DJ=Vida (SP) — Live Music
Grand Moff Works (SP) — Live Music
M Ax Noi Mach (US) — Live Music
Nautical Almanac (US) — Live Music
Nebur (SP) — Live Music
Ranma 1/2 (SP) — Live Music
Zeidun (SP) — Live Music

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