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What is creative expression and what motivates it? During the school year of 2020-21 the fourteen and fifteen year old students of the Institut Escola Trinitat Nova high school and I have tried to understand together how it manifests itself, how it is channeled and what tools exist in order to execute it. The result of this process revealed itself as a map, a circuit that helps us to find ourselves, to understand our quest from self-knowledge but also from interdependence. A space where we can move around and immerse ourselves, where light, symbols and sound give us clues as to what worries and defines us, but also how we relate to each other and what space we inhabit within the community.

With students Jade Acosta, Aurora Díaz, Naila Esteban, Ariana Ramos, Starlyn Rivas, Faiver Salas, Katheryn Sánchez, Adnan Rashid, Nicola Wilczynska, Valentina Zarate, Zahra Shah and the teachers Ariadna Gàlvez and Sergio Martínez.
Curation and coordination: L’Afluent.

Final project presentation:
June 10 2021. 5pm
Sala Ricson. Hangar.org

Installation photos — Violeta Mayoral
3D Render image — Ali Yerdel

Process — September 2020 / June 2021

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