SDSDS — 2nd instalment

The installation that was presented on October 2019 at FASE during the Barcelona Gallery Weekend consisted of a blue canvas cube that vibrated and reproduced a series of sounds (recorded live) in and around it which were a reference to elements from different systems while generating a semantic ambiguity in the person who listens, observes and touches them. Using the parameters that give rise to structures (the distance between elements, their adaptation and purpose, the restrictions, conditions, etc …) to build the different systems, the learning of the cognitive processes of the listener is altered allowing me to work with the field of expectations. This project seeks to reflect on how sound is influenced by a priori judgments based on experience which updates or perpetuates hegemonic interpretation.

This second version of the piece was presented at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam on February 21, 2020, as part of the Sonic Acts Festival –


—Photos by Violeta Mayoral and Pieter Kers

Act I



Act II


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