OnzeVint-i-dos. Vint-i-dos moviments per ordinador, cinta magnètica, projectors, cadira i martell

OnzeVint-idos. Vint-i-dos moviments per ordinador, cinta magnètica, projectors, cadira i martell — Arnau Sala Saez and Rubén Patiño Mompeó (March 14th, 2014, Barcelona)

In 2013 Rubén Patiño and I were invited to work in a collaboration organised by MUNT a collective putting together a series of actions always taking place inside the facilities of an old printing press. These usually have sound as a central element but there’s the condition that the project has to include the idea of the press conceptually in it.

While trying to combine the essence of our work and methods we became aware of the connection between Rubén‘s interest with the number 22 and my work with the number 11 and its multiples which became the starting point.
From the idea of the traditional press as a way of changing our relationship with information earlier on and the contrast between modern techniques and obsolete technologies generating similar vocabularies. We created a visual language developed from icons extracted from early post-medieval catalan and spanish prints and auques and associated every icon to a sound or action. With that system we created a piece which worked as a dialogue between Rubén’s sounds, graphics, actions and mine.

Section 1 — 11 minutes
Section 2 — 11 minutes
Total — 22 minutes

The piece was presented on March 14th of 2014 and it was documented and released as a limited cassette tape.


Graphic design and printing of the cassette sleeves — Ariadna Serrahima, Marc Torrent
Photographs — Diego Bustamante
Recording and Mastering — Simon Williams
Video — Sebastian Cabrera

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