11. 11. 11.

11.11.11. is a project that came about as a result of a residence with l’Ull Cec in the city of Berlin, in 2011.
This work explores new forms of composition in which the sound values ​​of the classical composition are not used but they are built from a logic related to faith, mystique, and self-fiction, which affect the outcome spontaneously and by chance, at the same time projecting this imaginary to the work that arises in the process. In this project my experience with superstition and numerical coincidences translates into diagrams that allow me to represent this whole magical system through sound, installation or graphics. My relationship with the number 11, the day and the month I was born, and the influence of a superstitious environment led me to develop a project that all the parameters that create the pieces are built from the number 11 .
The result was a sound piece that was created from 11 previously created vinyl records that were divided into 11 sections each and played on 11 turntables simultaneously and live. The piece was presented on 11/11/2011, the day of my 33rd birthday.

For more information — https://multiplesofeleven.com/2011/11/11/11-11-11/


Photos —Diego Bustamante, Dani Cantó, Arnau Sala Saez


Sam Roig, Raül Pratginestós, Luis Cerveró, Diego Bustamante and Ferran Fandos.

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