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Arnau Sala Saez is a musician and visual artist currently living and working in Barcelona.
His work transits different formats that feed off each other. Sound translates visual structures and the form is condensed into sound compositions. Through this habitat Arnau is building a system in which its elements are related around the same consciousness.

His work is also conditioned by the Attention Deficit Disorder he suffers and for which he bases his methodology on the limitation of tools and forms of organization to few elements. A good example is the Multiplesofeleven project where sound and visual compositions are constructed from multiple elements of the eleventh number or other research which explores the reduction of visual abundance through the use of a single color scale.

His work under the name Ex Continent is usually presented through live shows and installations where sound, light and image coexist formally and conceptually. His latest projects under this alias are inspired by a study of the current social context and its influence on human consciousness. His imaginary develops through the narratives that global chaos, excess and confusion provide.

This interest in the consequences of systemic powers and their assimilation in the world of art and music have motivated a series of meetings where, through the platform he manages since 2012, different people from diverse backgrounds are invited with the goal of contributing tools which might help to manage these consequences. These gatherings have motivated the existence of a work group hosted by, which under the name hiper-mediacions focuses on these very same topics.

contact — arnausala [ at ] protonmail . com

Multimedia presentations and installations

2020 — SDSDS @ Sonic Acts Festival — Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam
2019 — SDSDS @ FASE, L’Hospitalet (BCN Gallery Weekend)
2018 — Participant @ Hangar, Barcelona
2018 — Participant @ Huarte Centro de Arte Contemporáneo, Navarra
2017 — Índigo 99 @ Arts Santa Mònica, Barcelona (Arts Libris)
2011 — 11.11.11 @ Espacio Privado, Barcelona (l’Ull Cec)

Selected collaborations

2021 — Colllaboration with Julia Spínola — Espai 13. Fundació Miró
2020 — Cantar l’aigua. Colllaboration with Laia Estruch and Marc Vives — Festival Grec
2020 — Fuera de Lugar. Caminar por un suelo inestable. Colllaboration with Violeta Mayoral — 17m2 etHALL Gallery
2017 — Matadero S/N. Colllaboration with Lucía Lijtmaer and Servando Rocha — Centro Cultural Matadero, Madrid
2016 — Intervention in Hacer Cuerpo Con la Máquina de Joachim Koester (curated by Anna Manubens) — Blue Project Foundation, Barcelona
2016 — Swoon. Colllaboration with Mark Cunningham and Silvia Mestres — Influx Festival, Antic Teatre, Barcelona.
2014 — OnzeVint-i-dos. Vint-i-dos moviments per ordinador, cinta magnètica, projectors, cadira i martell. Colllaboration with Rubén Patiño — Munt. L’Automàtica, Barcelona
2013 — Música para Disciplina, by Gustavo Eandi. Galería Logo, São Paulo, Brazil
2011 — Colllaboration with Joke Lanz and Claudio Rocchetti @ Raum 20, Berlin (l’Ull Cec)
2010 — Merce Cunningham Dance Company Event. With Takehisa Kosugi, Agustí Fernández, Liba Villavecchia @ Mercat de les Flors, Barcelona
2010 — Massa Aus Ferides. Colllaboration with Macromassa — Antic Teatre, Barcelona
2009 — Grup d’improvisadors — MP7. CCCB, Barcelona
2008 — Colllaboration with Mattin — Antic Teatre, Barcelona (Cap Sembrat)
2007 — Hangover Hotel with Lydia Lunch, Mark Cunningham, Marc Viaplana, Silvia Mestres — Can Xalant, Mataró
2007 — Hangover Hotel with Lydia Lunch, Mark Cunningham, Marc Viaplana, Silvia Mestres — Antic Teatre, Barcelona

Individual and collaborative exhibitions

2021 — etHALL Gallery, L’Hospitalet
2010 — Continent Exotèric III. — Vermell, Manresa
2010 — Continent Exotèric. II — P.R.S.S. Gallery, Durham, NC. EEUU
2010 — Continent Exotèric — Heliogàbal, Barcelona
2010 — “Nuestros Círculos Son Cuadrados” Arnau Sala and Manuel Donada — Staalplaat Gallery, Berlin. Germany
2009 — “Sympathy for the private life”. Arnau Sala Saez and Robert Francisco — Espacio Abisal, Bilbao. Festival Musica Ex Machina
2008 — Homenatges. Todojunto, Barcelona
2007 — Tercer Ull — Duduá, Barcelona
2007 — Debajo del “El”. Robert Francisco, Nate Davis and Arnau Sala — Bola Ocho, Barcelona
2006 — Randomizer — Duduá, Barcelona

Collective exhibitions

2012 — El último verano — Watdafac Gallery, Madrid
2012 — Los pájaros de Lorca — IKARA Gallery, Barcelona
2009 — Dark Psych — SHOW CAVE Night Gallery, Los Angeles CA. EEUU
2003 — Gràfiques Ocultes. FAD, Barcelona


2019 / Present — Sector 3. With Violeta Mayoral
2018 / 2019 — ZEN55. With Rubén Patiño, Sergi Botella, Ikram Bolum, David M. Romero, Isamit Morales
2013 / Present — Catàleg Intern
2012 / Present — Anòmia
2005 / 2011 — Cap Sembrat Festival. With l’Ull Cec
1997 / 2011 — Ozonokids. With José Luis Dominguez, Dalmau Boada, Siria Gómez, Marc Molina


2020 / 2023 — Hangar, Barcelona
2020 / 2021 — En Residència: Creadors als instituts de Barcelona. Institut Escola Trinitat Nova. 3er ESO
2019 / 2020 — FASE Centro de Creación, L’Hospitalet
2018 / 2019 — Audio Formal for, Barcelona
2011 — l’Ull Cec Residency, Berlín


LUFF – Lausanne Underground Film Festival (Switzerland), Sonic Acts Academy (NL), Bózar Electronic (Belgium), Norberg Festival (Sweden), Festival Forte (Portugal), Sónar Festival, Boiler Room Barcelona, Festival LEM, Festival Musica Ex Machina (Bilbao), Teatre GREC, Saturnalia Festival (Milan), Primavera Sound Festival, The Great Escape Festival (UK), Liverpool Sound City Festival (UK), Festival Internacional de Poesía de Barcelona, Festival Keroxen (Cannary Islands), etc …

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