Cont Exot

Issue 001

Project name: Cont Exot Issue #001
Author: Arnau Sala Saez
Type of Media: Graphic Design, Illustration, Writing, Photography
Formats: Magazine / Diary
Producer:  Self-Released
Released: Summer 2012

Details: 50 copies. A6 Size. 80 pages.
Contents: Compilation of random content from my sketch book and hard drive… process, analysis (diagrams), words, doodles, etc

Ex-Con, Veiled, Vactor, Aiguilles

Photographs — Diego Bustamante, Pilar Pujol, Eduard Finestres, Aniana Heras, Maggie Burke
Flyers — Ryan Jencks, Héctor Ojeda, Sosaku, C.F., Unknown, Robert Francisco, Guille Miralda


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