Project name: EYES / EYES / EYES / EYES
Type of Media:  Sound
Formats: Film
Producer: Institut Ramon Llull
Released: May 11th, 2019





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Albert García-Alzórriz

Digital video (Master 2K, 4:3)
37 min.
Single-channel, Colour and B/W, Stereo


There is an archive that holds fragments of toppled statues. Next to each fragment lies the stone that, when thrown, created it. Two symmetrical shards, born from one gesture. In some ways they are identical: no one knows which of them called for the destruction.

The ambiguity of image and matter and the removal of certain dichotomic principles (such as object/subject or animate/inanimate) constitute an alternate reality, pulled tight between the image of resistance and the resistance of image.

58. Biennale di Venezia 2019

Catalonia in Venice – ‘To lose your head’
11 May–24 November – Calle Quintavalle, Castello 40, Venezia





Project: Albert García-Alzórriz
Curator: Pedro Azara
Organisation and production: Institut Ramon Llull


Cast: Rosa Tharrats, Xisi Sofia Ye Chen
Script: Albert García-Alzórriz, Gabriel Ventura
Cinematography: Marc Cuscó
Sound: Raúl López Penalva, Nora Haddad
Artistic collaboration: Duncan Gibbs, Joe Highton, Víctor Ruíz-Colomer
Editing and colour grading: Albert García-Alzórriz
Image mastering: David Avecilla
Sound mixing and music: Arnau Sala
Sound mixing assistant: Benjamin R. Mahoney
Sound mastering: Gerard Civat at Estudis CREMA
Still photography: Lluís Tudela
Translation: Bethan Cunningham
Graphic Design: PFP, disseny


Franz Kafka’s ‘Prometheus’ (translated by Willa Muir) taken from GLATZER, Nahum N. (ed.), ‘Franz Kafka. The complete stories’, London: Vintage (Penguin Random House UK), 2018.


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