66 Lapis

66 lapis is a project still in progress in which I explore superstitious mechanisms. Through repetitive use of the multiples of the number eleven and the scales of the colour blue as an organisational tool, the idea of ​​the amulet as a protective object or the pseudo-scientific powers attributed to minerals work as the central idea to investigate superstitious beliefs infiltrating our everyday cognitive processes. Exploring which doubts arise when we perceive our environment and watching how our perception is filtered, distorted or amplified by these belief systems and the impact of that in the formation of our consciousness.

Through a study of the chromatic range of the Lapislazuli stone, one of the first minerals used as a blue pigment, and taking into account the symbolic and totemic qualities of minerals, I form sculptural and visual compositions created from light and matter and organized into quantities and multiple parameters of the number eleven.


There’s a wiki page for this project — here

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