Homenatges was inspired by the title of a track called “Homenajes” coined by either Adrián de Alfonso, or Sergio Pérez which I later appropriated and expanded:

1) A musical project called Homenatges, consisting of Adrián de Alfonso, Rafael Romero and myself.

2) An exhibition of art works at the Gallery Todojunto in Barcelona — 12/12/08

3) My first solo self-released album in 2009




Homenatges existed briefly and it was a side effect of the project called DNSR TRN which was originally  Adrián de Alfonso on guitar and electronics and myself on drums and electronics. In 2005 Sergio Pérez joined the project on guitar and synthesizer. We improvised because we wanted to be as loud as possible but were too impatient to organize the output but I  believe improvising was never a conscious decision.
After a few shows Sergio dropped out and the project went back to Adrián and I. During our studio sessions we would always mix electronics and drums/guitar. This all changed in 2007 when Mark Cunningham joined the project and DNSR TRN changed its name to Bèstia Ferida.

While doing Bèstia Ferida Adrián and I kept making music on the side. At some point Rafa Romero joined us on saxophone and that’s when Homenatges was born. Because Mark gave a more relaxed approach to the way we improvised with Bèstia Ferida, Homenatges became our playground. After a couple years and a few live shows the project disappeared.


During the year 2008 I was invited do an art show at a gallery space called Todojunto. I had the idea of Homenatges very present. I perceived the idea of an homage as something rather solemn and specific of something that had already been widely accepted or worthy of social recognition. I wondered what would happen if I decided to take recognition away from things that already had the benefits of social status. I put lots of issues I was exploring in a blender and presented it all unfiltered as some sort of work-in-progress. In a way the concept of the exhibition became chaos itself.

The show was originally scheduled to happen during the summer of 2008 but after an accident where I cracked a bone in my elbow I couldn’t work with my right arm so the show was rescheduled to December 2008.

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Unfortunately very little documentation of the show survived. It featured mostly original graphic work I did specifically for the show or around that time — generally water-based ink illustrations (A2’s and A3’s) and a lot of film photographs from my daily life.


In 2009 I released an album recorded between 2008 / 2009 called Homenatges. You can hear or Download it via archive.org — https://archive.org/details/homenatges2009


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